OAuth Provider Configuration

Rocket.Chat supports several different ways to authenticate, beyond the basic username/password authentication. Most authentication providers require a clientID and a secret. Below are brief descriptions of how to set up each provider.

These settings are in the Accounts setting page under Administration.


  • Callback URL: <<website_url>>/_oauth/facebook?close


  • Callback URL: <<website_url>>/_oauth/github?close

GitHub Set up

  1. Go to your Application Settings‚Äč

  2. Under the Developer applications tab, click the Register new application button

  3. Fill in the form, and make sure you use the correct callback URL.

Note: If your callback URL is wrong, GitHub does not display any error. Instead of logging in, you receive an error message saying "No matching login attempt found."



  • Callback URL: <<website_url>>/_oauth/google?close

Google Set up

  1. Go to the Google Developer Console, and create a new project

  2. Set up your project by creating an "OAuth 2.0 client ID" (under APIs & Auth and Credentials)

  3. After that, make sure you define a Product Name in the OAuth consent screen, and select Web App as application type. Otherwise, you won't be able to provide a callback URL


  • Callback URL: <<website_url>>/_oauth/linkedin




  • Callback URL: <<website_url>>/_oauth/twitter