Get Permissions

Use this call to get a collection with all the permissions of the server. Each permission will have the roles it applies to.

You may use this information to change your UI according to the permissions a user has (hiding what he can't do for example).

Example call:

"msg": "method",
"method": "permissions/get",
"id": "42",
"params": []


"msg": "result",
"id": "42",
"result": [
... // permissions

The Permission object

The permission object describes a permission as:

  • _id: The permission's id

  • roles: A collection of roles that this permission applies to

  • _updatedAt: (Optional) The last time this permission object was updated in the database

  • meta: Metadata about the permission (described below)

  • $loki: An internal property which can be ignored (it is removed on the web client before being added to the web client's database)

The meta object is defined as:

  • revision: The revision of the permission

  • created: Date the permission was created

  • version: The permission version

  • updated: (Optional) Date the permission was last updated


"_id": "snippet-message",
"roles": [
"_updatedAt": { "$date": 1480377601 },
"meta": {
"revision": 3,
"created": 1480377601,
"version": 0,
"updated": 1480377601
"$loki": 1
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