Get Rooms

This is the method call used to get all the rooms a user belongs to. It accepts a timestamp with the latest client update time in order to just send what changed since last call. If it's the first time calling, just send a 0 as date.

The result is an object with two fields: update and remove.

Remove field

The remove field is a collection of room id identifying the rooms that were removed from the server.

Update field

The update field is a collection of room and its content varies according to the room type. You can read more about the room object on its own page.

Example call

"msg": "method",
"method": "rooms/get",
"id": "42",
"params": [ { "$date": 1480377601 } ]


"msg": "result",
"id": "42",
"result": {
"update": [
... // rooms
"remove": [
... // room ids