New Feature Template

New Feature Documentation Draft Template

If you have created a pull request creating a new feature please use this template to create a draft of the documentation.

To submit a draft, create a pull request (make sure you are doing from a branch in the repository) and tag it as 'draft', after that the documentation team will edit it to suit the documentation standard.

The draft serves to give information to the documentation team so they can create the appropriate documentation for that feature.

Please try to be very detailed when writing about the feature, this will help create better documentation.

Note: the template is not absolute, and in some cases it might not make sense to follow the template by the letter. If a field can't be answered you can leave it as "N/A"

**Added in version:** <!-- The version that feature was implemented -->
**Type of feature:** <!-- What type is the feature being created. E.g. API, User Feature, Admin Feature, Development Feature, etc... -->
**Involved settings:** <!-- Does this features adds or changes any setting? Which ones? What do they do? -->
**Description:** <!-- What does this feature do? -->
**How to use this feature:** <!-- How can this feature be used? -->
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