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Rocket.Chat is committed to transparency as part of its values. As such, we provide previous versions of our Agreements and Policies.


Professional Services Agreement Updates: Effective today, revisions to our Professional Services Agreement are in force for new contracts. We have made updates to Clause 8 concerning intellectual property rights, along with a refinement of the language in Clause 2.2.

Privacy Policy Updates: As of October 20th, 2023. These updates will be effective from today, except for the changes related to "workspace tracking and statistics data," which will be implemented upon the release of Rocket.Chat version 6.5. The updates include the creation of three appendices that specifically address privacy provisions related to Rocket.Chat's open services, cloud service offerings, and the privacy regulations framework. We have also introduced a data subject request form that allows customers to exercise their data rights more efficiently and securely. Additionally, we have provided more information on compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and GLBA, and provided more details on data collection for both self-hosted and cloud-hosted workspaces. These changes are part of our commitment to transparency regarding privacy at Rocket.Chat. Please note that starting from version 6.5, certain restrictions have been implemented, which limit customers' ability to disable data statistics collection from their workspaces.

Deprecation Notice: As of June 27, 2023, Rocket.Chat, we announce that effective October 1, 2023, support will be discontinued for legacy unsupported versions, impacting connections to cloud services, mobile, and desktop applications. This decision is driven by security and operational concerns related to legacy versions, aligning with industry standards. Users of unsupported versions will lose access to critical services, including push notifications, omnichannel channels, and marketplace apps. Workspace administrators are strongly encouraged to upgrade to supported versions or prepare for self-management of these services.

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