Privacy Notice for Air-Gapped Workspaces

Effective Date: December 9th, 2023

This document serves as a privacy notice for users of air-gapped workspaces. These workspaces are isolated from external networks, including the internet, and therefore do not register with Rocket.Chat's cloud services. In this document, we aim to clarify the data handling practices within these environments.

Definition of Air-Gapped Environments

An air-gapped environment is a secure workspace or system, deliberately disconnected from external networks to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access.

Data Collection and Usage in Air-Gapped Environments

In air-gapped environments, Rocket.Chat adheres to strict data privacy standards by not collecting:

  • Account Data: Information such as usernames, email addresses, or passwords.

  • Usage Data: Details on how users interact with the software.

  • App Data: Information about applications or services operating within the air-gapped environment.

  • User Content: Any content created or uploaded by users.

  • Tracking or Cookies: No tracking technologies or cookies are employed to gather user information

Limitations of Air-Gapped Licenses

Users should be aware of certain limitations inherent to air-gapped licenses:

  • Absence of Cloud Services: Features like the marketplace, OmniGateway, push notifications, and other cloud-dependent add-ons are unavailable.

Transition to Registered Environments

Should an air-gapped environment opt to register with Rocket.Chat, the data collection practices outlined here will become applicable.


For inquiries or concerns regarding this Privacy Notice, contact our Data Protection Officer at

Notice Amendments

We reserve the right to update this Privacy Notice in response to changes in data practices or legal requirements. Please review this document periodically for updates, noting the effective date for the latest version.

Further information on air-gapped environments can be found in our documentation on Air-gapped Deployment.

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