Premium Support Channels

At Rocket.Chat, we understand the critical importance of effective and efficient support for our workspaces. To cater to diverse needs and ensure a seamless experience, we offer multiple channels for assistance. Whether you are facing a technical challenge, need guidance on features, or require emergency support, our dedicated team is ready to assist you through the following avenues:

  1. Rocket.Chat Desk Portal (Available for All Plans)

    • Usage: This is the primary channel for all support queries. Only customer-assigned points of contact are authorized to open a support ticket at the Desk Portal. This ensures a streamlined and personalized support experience.

  2. Email Support (Availability Varies by Plan)

    • Process: Email support is verified through domain matching. Emails from domains corresponding to a company's registered domain are prioritized in the customer queue. Please note, emails from non-registered or free domains may not be recognized as client-associated requests.

  3. Hotline for High Severity Issues (Availability Varies by Plan)

    • Contact Number: +1 (833) 479-0110

    • Scope: This line is reserved for emergency situations classified as High Severity. It is an exclusive service for our premium customers, ensuring immediate attention and rapid resolution of critical issues.

Our commitment to providing exceptional support is unwavering. We encourage our users to utilize these channels as per their specific needs and plan provisions. For any further assistance or clarification on support channel usage, please do not hesitate to reach out. Rocket.Chat is dedicated to ensuring your experience with our platform is smooth, efficient, and continually evolving to meet your business needs.

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