Docker Mongo Backup and Restore

This guide shows how you can perform backup and restore of your Rocket.Chat's mongo database in docker.

Docker Mongo Backup

To back up your MongoDB database in docker follow these steps:
  • Run the following command on your terminal to list out the label of the container running mongo
docker ps -a
You see a list of containers running, note the name of the mongo container in this case rocketchat_mongo_1
List of running docker containers
  • Run this to dump the database into a binary file db.dump
docker exec <database_name> sh -c 'mongodump --archive' > db.dump
When successful, you should see db.dump file in the current directory.

Docker Mongo Restore

To restore the backup, run the following command
docker exec -i <database_name> sh -c 'mongorestore --archive' < db.dump
You can export your database dump directly to MongoDB Atlas by simply running
mongorestore --uri mongodb+srv://<user>:<password> --archive=db.dump