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Deploy on IBM Cloud

Deploying Rocket.Chat on IBM Cloud
While IBM Cloud offers several choices for hosting Rocket.Chat, including Docker container on a Kubernetes cluster, VMWare, and Bare Metal Server. The following instructions will concentrate on creating a Cloud Foundry app for Rocket.Chat.


  • An IBM Cloud account
  • The IBM Cloud command line client (ibmcloud) installed
  • Git

Deploying Rocket.Chat on IBM cloud

  • Log in to the IBM Cloud dashboard. Navigate to Apps Box > Create an app.
  • Give the Rocket.Chat server a unique app name, select as Starting point.
  • Click Create a new app. Select Node.js as Platform.
  • Then click Create.
  • In the App Details tab, click Create Service. From the list of services, select Databases > Databases for MongoDB.
  • Configure MongoDB to enable oplog tailing and initiate a replicaset.
Open your terminal and run the following commands:
  • Git clone the latest Rocket.Chat:
git clone
  • Log in to the IBM Cloud command-line interface:
ibmcloud cf login
  • Push Rocket.Chat to the app you created early in the dashboard using meteor-buildpack-horse:
cf push <your app name> -m 512M -b
  • Go to https://<your app name> in your browser to access your instance of Rocket.Chat
If you encounter any problems, visit the IBM Apps instructions.
Last modified 4mo ago
Deprecation for cloud services and apps is now extended to November 20, 2023. Rocket.Chat versions receive support for six months after release.