rocketchatctl is a command line tool written in bash to help you install and configure a Rocket.Chat server in a Linux host. It takes care of everything the server needs to run, configure extra repositories, and installs libraries required for the correct node version and mongo server. It also sets up directories and permissions and configures the systemd files for these new services.
Once your server is installed and running, you can use the same command to keep the installation up to date easily. rocketchatctl can check for Rocket.Chat updates available and update it to the latest release.
Furthermore, rocketchatctl optionally installs a loadbalancer/proxy with auto SSL provided by Let's Encrypt.
To learn more, visit the GitHub repository.


Currently, rocketchatctl is supported in these Linux distributions:
  • Ubuntu 18.04, 19.04, 20.04
  • CentOS 7, 8
  • Debian 9, 10, 11
rocketchatctl automatically installs the latest supported node and MongoDB versions (CentOS Support WIP). We understand that some users could already have node, mongo, or even a webserver installed in their servers, rocketchatctl install checks for previously installed versions of node and mongo in your system.

Options and Flags

Run rocketchatctl help and check options and flags:
rocketchatctl command line tool to install and update Rocket.Chat server
Usage: rocketchatctl [options] [--root-url=ROOT_URL --port=PORT --letsencrypt-email=EMAIL --webserver=WEBSERVER --version=VERSION --install-node --use-mongo]
Installs node, mongo, Rocket.Chat server and optionally a webserver (Caddy or Traefik), sets up directories and permissions to use Let's Encrypt certificates.
In case node or mongo already installed, it uses already installed versions though confirmation is required.
For node it set v8.11.4 as default in your system, for mongo mmapv1 storage engine and no authentication enabled is required during installation.
If you wish this script to run unattended, provide extra flags to the install option, server URL is required (--root-url).
-h help Display this message
install Install latest Rocket.Chat server version
update Update Rocket.Chat server from current version to latest version
check-updates Check for updates of Rocket.Chat server
upgrade-rocketchatctl Upgrade the rocketchatctl command line tool.
--root-url=ROOT_URL the public URL where Rocket.Chat server will be accessible on the Internet (REQUIRED)
--port=PORT port for the Rocket.Chat server, default value 3000
--webserver=WEBSERVER webserver to install as reverse proxy for Rocket.Chat server, options are caddy/traefik/none (REQUIRED)
--letsencrypt-email=EMAIL e-mail address to use for SSL certificates (REQUIRED if webserver is not none)
--version=VERSION Rocket.Chat server version to install, default latest
--install-node in case node installed, sets node to Rocket.Chat server recommended version, default behavoir cancel Rocket.Chat server installation
--use-mongo in case mongo installed, and storage engine configured is mmapv1, skip mongo installation but uses systems mongo for Rocket.Chat server database, default database name rocketchat

Install Rocket.Chat

You can run rocketchatctl install directly, curling the script from our website. will download rocketchatctl , save it in /usr/local/bin and call rocketchatctl with the install option. This installation is interactive.
bash -c "$(curl"
If you want an unattended install, use unattended install flags with script like this:
bash -c "$(curl" -s --root-url= --webserver=traefik --letsencrypt-email=[email protected]
If you already have rocketchatctl installed, run the following command:
rocketchatctl install
If you want to use your mongo server, update the node version required for Rocket.Chat, listen to a different port, and install a specific release; run this command:
rocketchatctl install --root-url= --webserver=none --use-mongo --install-node --port=4000 --version=3.9.0

Update Rocket.Chat with rockectchatctl

Check for release updates by running these commands:
rocketchatctl check-updates
Current update available for Rocket.Chat server: from 3.8.0 to 3.9.0
And update to the latest release:
rocketchatctl update
The update option creates a temporary backup directory, downloads the latest release, starts it, and checks that it is healthy by querying the info API. If something goes wrong in the startup process, the previously installed version from the backup is restored, and an error message is displayed.

Upgrade rockectchatctl

The upgrade option downloads the latest version available for rocketchatctl in the install repo, compare it to your current rocketchatctl and upgrade to the latest version if needed. Ensure to check that you are running the latest rocketchactl.
rocketchatctl upgrade-rockectchatctl

Backup rocketchatctl

Backup rocketchatctl data by running this command:
rocketchatctl backup
By default, a backup is made in the /tmp directory. You can specify the location using the --backup-dir flag. To get more help, run rocketchatctl --help.