Rocket.Chat 6.0 is our most secure and scalable version yet. It includes 10 security patches, 9 brand-new features, and 25+ overall platform enhancements. Visit our website to learn more about what’s new in this latest version. Update now!


Snap is pre-installed in most modern distributions. If it is not, please read snap's official documentation on how to install snap.
Installing Rocket.Chat with snap on Ubuntu is as easy as executing:
sudo snap install rocketchat-server
Then browse to http://localhost:3000 and setup Rocket.Chat.
The above command should install the latest version available. You can also specify install by track.
Snaps are secure. Rocket.Chat and all of its dependencies are isolated from the rest of your system. Snaps also auto-update when we release a new version. So no need for more hassle updating.
To move between different major releases, from 2.x to 3.x or from 3.x to 4.x, take a look at snap tracks.


To configure snap variables for your Rocket.Chat server:
To see the list of snap variables to configure for your Rocket.Chat server, run:
snap get rocketchat-server
A list of variables is displayed
Key Value
backup-on-refresh disable
ignore-errors false
mongo-oplog-url mongodb://localhost:27017/local
mongo-url mongodb://localhost:27017/parties
port 3000
siteurl http://localhost:3000
Setting one is done by simply executing
sudo snap set rocketchat-server <variable-name>=<value>