Associate Agents With Extensions in Rocket.Chat
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    Associate Agents With Extensions in Rocket.Chat

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    An extension is simply a named set of actions in Asterisk. Asterisk will perform each action in sequence when that extension number is dialed. As a Rocket.Chat administrator, you can associate one agent with one extension. This extension can be part of multiple queues.

    Extensions in Asterisk are assigned to queues. The extensions and queues are both created and managed in Asterisk by the Asterisk manager. An agent needs to associate with one of these extensions to be able to take calls in a queue. You, as a Rocket.Chat admin can take one of these extensions and associate it with an agent.

    Both extensions and queues are managed in Asterisk by the Asterisk manager.

    To associate and an agent to an extension:

    • Go to Administration > Workspace > Settings > Voice Channel > Extension tab

    • Click Associate Agent

    • Select the agent name and associate it with a free extension, as shown below:

    Agent to extension association

    Following are some essential points to know:

    • An extension becomes unavailable after it has been associated with an agent.

    • An extension can be associated with multiple queues.

    Extensions and agents have a one-to-one relationship.

    Extension and queue have a one-to-many relationship.

    Once this call center agent makes themselves available for VoIP, the incoming calls in that queue will be forwarded to them based on the routing system configured in Asterisk.

    To reduce the scope of this project, the only available administration feature is the ability to connect Rocket.Chat agent with the existing Asterisk extensions. In future releases, you'll be able to create new extensions and queues from Rocket.Chat, and many other cool administration capabilities will roll out.

    Now your agents can start using voice-as-channel on Rocket.Chat.

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