Google Translate Integration
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    Google Translate Integration

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    In the era of cloud computing, the integration of cloud services into communication platforms is essential. Rocket.Chat has adopted this trend, particularly by incorporating Google Cloud features. This document will primarily focus on how Rocket.Chat leverages the Google Translate feature, a significant aspect of Google Cloud services.

    Google Translate: Rocket.Chat leverages the Google Cloud's translate feature to enhance communication within its platform. This feature allows every communication received on a channel to be translated using the Google translation engine. To use this feature, a Google Translate API key is required. The process of obtaining this key involves creating a project on the Google Cloud Console, enabling the Cloud Translation API, and creating the API key under credentials. The official Google API documentation explains how to get and use a Google Translate API key.

    Getting the key: To get the Google Translate API key,

    • Go to Google Cloud console.

    • Create a project and select it.

    • On the navigation menu, go to APIs & Services > Dashboard.

    • Click on ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES and search for Cloud Translation API.

    • Go to Credentials.

    • Click Create credentials.

    • Select API key.

    Configuration: It's time to configure auto-translate in your workspace now that you have your API key.

    • Go to Administration > Workspace > Settings > Message > Auto-Translate

    • Enable Auto-Translate.

    • Select Google as the Service Provider.

    Only users with auto-translate permission can use this feature.

    Enabling auto-translate on a channel: Auto-Translate can be enabled on a per-channel basis. When enabled, any messages sent in a language that Google Translate supports will be translated into the user's chosen language. The translated messages are only visible to the user who enabled auto translation, while the original, untranslated messages are displayed for users who have not enabled this feature.

    To activate auto-translate in a room,

    • Click the kebab menu in the room header.

    • Select Auto-Translate.

    • Enable Automatic Translation and select your desired language.

    • An auto-translate icon is displayed beside the room name to indicate that the feature is active.

    To translate a message,

    • Hover over the message and click the kebab menu.

    • Select Translate.

    Rocket.Chat's integration with auto translate feature significantly enhances the platform's communication capabilities. By leveraging Google's powerful translation engine, Rocket.Chat ensures that language barriers do not hinder communication within its platform.

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