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    Jitsi App

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    Jitsi is a collection of open-source projects for voice, video conferencing, and instant messaging. Jitsi provides users with secure, scalable, and easy-to-use video conferencing platforms with state-of-the-art video quality and features. The Jitsi Meet project is a bandwidth-efficient WebRTC-compatible SFU (server-based) solution from our FOSS partner, Jitsi.

    Jitsi Meet is a fully encrypted, open-source video conferencing solution that enables users to share screens and collaboratively edit documents together while video conferencing. It is browser-ready and doesn’t require a client to install the application, as you can invite users via a custom URL.

    Key features of the Rocket.Chat - Jitsi integration

    • Directly initiate calls from DMs, channels, teams, and discussions.

    • Identify the moderator of the call automatically.

    • Check user names and avatars before initiating a call

    Here are a few additional features for our Enterprise plan:

    • Record and list call details to check users who joined the call.

    • Ring users before initiating a call to provide a visual and audio indicator for them.

    • A record of the call history.

    Download the Jitsi app

    This app can also work in a fully air-gapped environment. Follow the Air-gapped App installation guide and continue with the configuration instructions below.

    A Jitsi server is required for this integration.

    To download the Jitsi app on your workspace, follow these steps:

    1. Go to Administration > Apps > Marketplace.

    2. Search for the Jitsi app.

    3. Click Install. Accept the terms and conditions and the required permissions.

    Set up the Jitsi app

    To set up the Jitsi app on your workspace, follow these steps:

    1. Confirm that the app is enabled.

    2. Go to the Settings tab and update the following fields:




    Your Jitsi URL. For example, jitsi.test.rocket.chat.

    Title prefix

    Text that is added before the title when identifying a conference call URL.

    For example, https://jitsi.test.rocket.chat/RocketChat663b75818a8cfe91babdc15e. Here RocketChat is the prefix. This is displayed in the URL and the call name when you join the call.

    Title suffix

    Text that is added after the title when identifying a conference call.

    Use SSL

    Determines if the call URL uses https or http. Enable this option to use https.

    Chrome Extension Id

    Enter the ID of an extension from Chrome's extension list. If the specified extension is installed on your browser, it is used to render the call instead of Jitsi's standard web interface.

    Use Authentication Token

    When enabled, Rocket.Chat will generate a JWT token.

    You may configure Jitsi to require user authentication before allowing access to the calls. This authentication token is generated based on the rest of the parameters in this section, and the values for them must match the parameters configured in Jitsi.

    Application ID (iss)

    The app ID to use when generating authentication tokens.

    Application Secret

    The app secret to use when generating authentication tokens.

    Use JaaS (8x8)

    The provided URL is obtained from a JaaS provider like 8x8.

    The private key you downloaded in BASE64 encoded format

    Must be in base64 format to preserve the format, use base64 -i ".pk file" to get the base64 string.

    8x8 API key id

    The API key ID you get from 8x8.

    Limit token to Jitsi Room

    If enabled, generated tokens will grant access only to the intended Jitsi room.

    Token Auditor

    The auditor's name to use when generating authentication tokens.

    Token Expiration

    The expiring time of the authentication tokens.

    1. Click Save changes.

    Configure conference calls using the Jitsi app

    To configure the Jitsi video conference on your workspace, follow these steps:

    1. Go to Administration > Settings > Conference Call.

    2. Select Jitsi as the Default Provider.

    3. Enable or disable the call option in DMs, public channels, private channels, and teams as per your needs.

    4. Click Save changes.

    Initiate calls using the Jitsi app

    After successfully installing and configuring the Jitsi app, you can initiate a secure Jitis call inside any Rocket.Chat room by using the slash command /jitsi or the call icon in the room header.

    Follow Conference Call User's Guide to start using it.

    When using mobile apps to join a public server, Jitsi may redirect users to a browser to complete authentication before joining calls. Users can choose to stay on the call screen within the app while waiting for another participant to log in, then they can continue the call via thier mobile app. However, if you're using a private Jitsi server, there's no need for anyone to sign in.

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