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    Deploy Rocket.Chat using the Red Hat OpenShift platform and easily manage your application. Several templates for providing Rocket.Chat are hosted in this repository.

    Installation on Container Development Kit (CDK)

    • Download and install CDK.

    • Download and install the OpenShift client tool.

    • Run OpenShift Vagrant machine.

    • Pull the Rocket.Chat Docker image from Docker hub and tag/push to the internal OpenShift registry using these commands:

    docker pull
    docker tag rocketchat/
    docker push
    • Login in OpenShift and create a new project in OpenShift

    oc login -u openshift-devel
    oc new-project rocket-chat
    • Clone this repo and add the templates and imagestream to the Openshift namespace:

    git clone
    oc create -n openshift -f rocket-chat-is.json
    oc create -n openshift -f rocket-chat-ephemeral.json
    • Create the rocket-chat app

    oc new-app rocket-chat -p MONGODB_DATABASE=rocketchat,MONGODB_USER=rocketchat-admin,MONGODB_PASS=rocketchat
    • Rocket.Chat uses a domain check code to verify the validity of the e-mail address. To disable it, run these commands:

    oc port-forward <mongodb_pod> 27017
    mongo localhost:27017

    Inside the Mongo client, run these commands:

    use rocketchat

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