Salesforce CRM Agent's Guide
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    Salesforce CRM Agent's Guide

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    If you have Salesforce CRM integration in place and a user sends you a message, it appears in your Rocket.Chat workspace just like any other Omnichannel conversation.

    When you start serving the conversation as an agent, the Salesforce CRM Integration takes effect and displays options for various tasks in the chat.

    Create contact

    If it is a new customer, you can create their contact inside your Salesforce CRM from within Rocket.Chat.

    To create a contact,

    • Click the Create Contact button in the chat.

    • Fill in the required contact details.

    • Click Confirm. The customer is now a Salesforce contact.

    Contact info

    If it is an existing contact, you can view their contact info by clicking the Contact Info button in the chat.

    View cases

    You can view their cases by clicking the View Cases button in the chat if it is an existing contact.

    Create cases

    You can also create a new case for a customer from your Rocket.Chat workspace.

    • Click on the Create Case button in the chat.

    • Fill in the required information.

    • Click Confirm. A new Salesforce case is created for the customer.

    You can also view the customers' Tasks, Events, and Calls.

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