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    Trello app allows you to receive notifications about your Trello activities, including creating cards and comments, completing checklist items and uploading attachments, etc.

    Install the Trello app


    • A publicly accessible Rocket.Chat server

    • A Trello account with active boards.

    To install the Trello Rocket.Chat app,

    • Go to Administration > Apps > Marketplace.

    • Search for the Trello app.

    • Click Install and accept the needed permissions. A direct message is then received from the to assist you with setting up the app.

    Configure Trello app

    To configure the Trello app,

    • Go to the chat. Run the slash command /trello setup in the chatbox. It displays a set of instructions to follow for setting up Trello.

    • Log in to your Trello account. Go to Power-Up Admin portal.

    • Create a new or select an existing Power-Up. Then, navigate to API key.

    • Copy the server's URL displayed by the and add it to the Allowed Origins field of your API key.

    • Now, copy the API Key and OAuth Secret from the Trello page. You need it to configure Trello in Rocket.Chat.

    • On the Trello App Info screen, navigate to Settings.

    • Paste the Trello API key and Trello API secret from the Trello App.

    • Next, you authorize your Trello account to connect and interact with the app.

    To authorize your Trello account,

    • Go to the chat. Run the slash command /trello authorize. Click the Authenticate button.

    All users must authorize their Trello account before using Trello in the workspace.

    • Click Allow in the prompt to grant all the permissions needed to run the Trello App integration smoothly.

    • If authentication is successful, you get a confirmation message from the Now, your Trello app is ready to use.

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