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    Using Omnichannel units, you can group a set of departments for management purposes. As an Omnichannel manager, you can make a unit of multiple departments and assign a monitor to oversee them.

    To access Units settings, go to Administration > Omnichannel > Units.

    List Omnichannel units

    On the Units page, you see a list of all the existing units and a button to initiate the creation of a new unit. Clicking on an existing unit opens up a page where you can edit it.

    Create Omnichannel unit

    To create a new unit,

    • Click Create unit.

    • Enter the following information:

      • Name: The name of the new unit.

      • Visibility: Set its visibility as private or public. A private unit will be available only for you.

      • Departments: Add the desired departments to your unit.

      • Monitors: Assign users who will be monitors to the unit.

    • Click Save.

    Delete Omnichannel unit

    To delete a unit, click the Delete icon on the right of the unit.

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