Using the Google Calendar App
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    Using the Google Calendar App

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    When the Google Calendar app is installed, you can perform various actions, including changing your app settings, listing your events, and receiving notifications on meeting hours.

    Google Calendar app settings

    To change the functionality of the Google Calendar app for your account,

    • Type in the slash command /google-calendar settings. It opens up the Google Calendar Settings bar.

    • Now you can perform any of the following actions:

      • Notifications: Activate or Remove the ability to receive meeting notifications. If you activate notifications, you receive an event message reminder 10 minutes before the event's scheduled time.

      • Daily summary: This lets you set when to get a daily event overview. You receive a message summarizing all your events for the day.

      • OAuth Authentication: Authorize or Revoke your connected Google account.

    Google Calendar app list events

    To see the list of events on your calendar for the day,

    • Run the slash command /google-calendar events.A list of all the events scheduled for the day is displayed.

      • An event has details, including the title, date, and time. Clicking on an event title takes you to the Google Calendar page showing its details.

      • You can see the status of your availability for meetings you are invited to.

      • Use these quick action buttons to respond to meeting invites: Accept, Decline, and Maybe.

      • Click on Join to join an event you got invited to.

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