Using GitHub App

After installing the GitHub app, users in your workspace can start interacting with GitHub using the slash commands. The /github slash command is used to initiate actions with the GitHub app.

To execute any GitHub command, the user must first authenticate by using /github login.

GitHub App Authentication


To login to your GitHub account on the workspace,

  • Enter the /github login slash command

  • You receive a message from the with a GitHub login button. Click the button to authenticate with your GitHub account.

  • Authorize the GitHub app to access your account.

  • The sends a message once authentication is successful.


To log out your GitHub account from the workspace,

  • Enter the /github logout slash command

  • This removes the currently authenticated user.

GitHub App Functions

Display your GitHub profile

To display your GitHub profile details and view issues assigned to you,

  • Enter the /github me slash command

  • Click Issues to see a list of issues assigned to you.

  • Click on Share Profile to select and share your profile details within a chat.

GitHub Search

To search for issues or pull requests in a specific repository,

  • Enter the /github search slash command

  • Specify the search parameters and click Search.

Create GitHub Issue

To create a new issue in a GitHub repository,

  • Enter the /github issue slash command

  • Enter the Full Repository Name in this format: Owner/Repository.

  • Click Next and fill in the details of the issue.

  • Click Create Issue. The issue gets created and sends a message with a link to the issue.

Manage GitHub Issues

To assign and share issues in a repository,

  • Enter the /github issues slash command

  • Enter the Full Repository Name in this format: Owner/Repository, and click Next

  • A list of issues on the repository is displayed. You can perform the following actions on an issue:

    • View the issue directly on GitHub

    • Assign to issue to someone

    • Add the issue

GitHub App Repository Actions

Manage Repository Subscriptions

When you subscribe to a repository event, you receive a message in the Rocket.Chat room whenever each event gets triggered. To manage repositories subscriptions on your workspace,

  • Enter the /github subscribe slash command to view the repositories and events you're subscribed to.

  • Click Add Subscriptions to add a new subscription

    • Enter the Full Repository Name, select the events to subscribe to, and click Subscribe.

    • You get a message confirming the subscription.

  • Click Delete Subscriptions to delete existing subscriptions.

    • Select the subscription and click Unsubscribe.

    • You receive a message about the unsubscription.

  • Click Refresh to refresh the list of subscriptions.

Get Repository

To get an interactive interface to fetch repository data,

  • Enter the /github <username>/<repository name> slash command

  • Click Overview to see the repository overview.

  • Click Issues to get all the open repository issues.

  • Click Contributors to get a list of all the top contributors.

  • Click Pull Requests to see the open pull requests.

Get Repository Overview

To get a detailed overview of a repository,

  • Enter the /github <username>/<repository name> repo slash command

List Repository Issues

To list open issues in a repository,

  • Enter the /github <username>/<repository name> issues slash command

  • A list of open issues in the repository is displayed. Click on any issue to open.

List Repository Contributors

To get contributors in a repository,

  • Enter the /github <username>/<repository name> contributors slash command

  • Click on a user to open their GitHub profile on a new tab.

List Pull Requests

To view recent open pull requests in a repository,

  • Enter the /github <username>/<repository name> pulls slash command

  • Click a pull request to open it in a new tab

Review a Pull Request

To review a specific pull request using its PR number,

  • Enter the /github <username>/<repository name> pulls <pull number> slash command

  • Click View Changes to see the changes made by that pull request

  • Click View File to see the file(s) that have been affected by the pull request.

  • Click Comments to view the comments under the PR or Add a Comment.

  • Click Merge to submit the merge request details and Merge the PR.

Subscribe to Repository Events

To subscribe to all the events of a repository and receive messages in that room when event gets triggered,

  • Enter the /github <username>/<repository name> subscribe slash command

Unsubscribe from Repository Events

To unsubscribe from all events of a repository,

  • Enter the /github <username>/<repository name> unsubscribe slash command

With the GitHub app, users can easily collaborate on GitHub repositories, track issues and receive notifications directly from the workspace.

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