Telegram App

Omnichannel Integration between Rocket.Chat and Telegram.

With the Telegram app on Rocket.Chat, your customers can send and receive Omnichannel messages from your workspace through a Telegram bot.

To use your Telegram bot in a room, see Simple Telegram Bot.

Install Telegram App

To install the Telegram App,

  • Go to Administration > Apps > Marketplace.

  • Search for the Telegram app.

  • Click Install and accept the needed permissions.

You must enable the Omnichannel feature with agents and managers assigned to receive and send Omnichannel messages.

Generate your Telegram Bot Token

To generate a Telegram bot token,

  • Launch your Telegram app. Open a new chat, search and select "BotFather".

  • Click Start. Type “/newbot” in the chat and Send.

  • Select a name and username for your bot.

  • Once the username is accepted, a congratulatory message displays all the bot's details, including the API token.

  • Copy the bot API token.

Configure the Telegram App

To configure the Telegram App,

  • On the Telegram App Info screen, navigate to Settings.

  • Update the required fields:

    • Bot Token: The bot token you copied when generating the telegram bot.

    • Default Department. Only the agents of this department can serve Telegram conversations.

    • Service Unavailable Message: The message sent to your customer when no agents are available online.

    • Welcome Message: The message sent to customers when they send their first message.

    • Conversation Finished Message: The message sent to your customer when an agent closes the conversation.

    • Agents Display Name: You can display the agent's name or username.

    • File Upload Enabled: You can enable/disable file sharing.

    • Accepted Media Types: Select the type of files that can be shared between the Agents and your Twitter Contacts.

  • Click Save Changes.

You will only receive messages if you have a department set up. Only the agents of that particular department can receive the chats.

Uninstall Telegram App

To delete the Telegram app from your workspace,

  • Go to Administration > Apps > Installed.

  • Click the kebab menu against the Telegram app.

  • Select Uninstall.

  • Click Yes to confirm the uninstallation.

To learn more about Telegram bots, see the official Telegram Bots Guide.

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