Telegram Agent's Guide

If you set up Telegram app integration and a user sends you a message on the connected Telegram bot,

  • It appears in your Rocket.Chat workspace, just like any other Omnichannel conversation available for an agent to take it.

  • You can respond to the customer from your workspace, who receives the response on Telegram.

  • You can also send and receive files during the conversation.

Quick Replies

You can also use quick reply buttons to send or receive quick replies on telegram. This is useful and required for companies with a chatbot user serving Omnichannel conversations. You need to have a bot (Dialogflow/RASA) configured before implementing bot quick replies.

  • Navigate to Administration > Workspace > Settings > Omnichannel > Routing.

  • Enable Assign new conversations to bot agent. The routing system attempts to find a bot agent, if any exists, before addressing new conversations to a human agent.

Last updated

Rocket.Chat versions receive support for six months after release.