Using WhatsApp Cloud App

After configuring the Whatsapp App through webhook, you can test the two-way communication between Rocket.Chat and WhatsApp.

You must enable the Omnichannel feature with agents and managers assigned to receive and send Omnichannel messages.

  • Launch the WhatsApp app on your phone while logged in with a verified phone number to receive messages from your app.

  • Send a message to the test number provided or your WhatsApp business number (if you added any).

  • The message is seen in your Rocket.Chat server, available for any Omnichannel Agent to Take the conversation.

  • You can respond to the customer from your workspace, and they receive the response on Whatsapp.

You can use the Rocket.Chat API to send template messages to contacts from your workspace. Kindly refer to the WhatsApp Template Messages developer's guide for more details.

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