WhatsApp Sandbox

An extension for the existing production-ready WhatsApp App.

The WhatsApp Sandbox app allows you to test Rocket.Chat integration with WhatsApp in a sandbox environment. You can send messages and templates in this test environment and receive a webhook.

This app is not intended for production use. It is only for testing purposes. For production use, please use the official WhatsApp integration.

You must have the Omnichannel feature enabled and have agents and managers assigned to receive and send Omnichannel messages.

Install Whatsapp Sandbox Integration App

To install the Whatsapp Sandbox App,

  • Go to Administration > Apps > Marketplace.

  • Search for the Whatsapp Sandbox app.

  • Click Install and accept the needed permissions. You receive a message from whatsapp-sandbox.bot with setup instructions.

To get support, please run the /whatsapp-sandbox support command.

Get the Test API key from 360 Dialog

You need a test API-KEY from 360 Dialog to use WhatsApp Sandbox App.

To get the API-KEY,

See the official documentation to learn more about 360dialog Sandbox and its limitations.

Configure Whatsapp Sandbox App

To configure the Whatsapp Sandbox App,

  • On the Whatsapp Sandbox App Info screen, navigate to Settings.

  • Update the required fields:

    • WhatsApp Sandbox API KEY: The API KEY provided by 360Dialog for the Sandbox environment.

    • Default department: (Optional) Thedepartment that will handle WhatsApp conversations.

    • Welcome Message: (Optional) The message sent to customers when they send their first message.

    • Conversation Finished Message: (Optional) The message sent to your customer when an agent closes the conversation.

    • Service Unavailable Message: The message sent to your customer when no agents are available online.

    • Notification of undeliverable message: (Optional) Set this option to alert the agent that the message wasn't delivered to the WhatsApp platform.

    • Agents Display Info: The agent information that would be appended before every message an agent sends to a customer.

    • Allow Quote Messages: If enabled, agents can see the quoted message reference on Rocket.Chat when the Contact quotes/replies to a message on WhatsApp.

    • Message Status Endpoint URL: The endpoint URL where you want to receive the status of each message exchanged.

    • Filter Message Status: Filter the statuses (All, Regular Messages, or Template Messages ) you wish to receive at the endpoint ("Message Status Endpoint URL") based on Message Type.

    • Allow List options for Quick Replies: If enabled, messages with more than three quick reply options would be rendered as List options. Max limit for list options is 10.

    • Custom label for all List Option button: Define a customized label message you want to display on all Quick reply options sent as List Message.

  • Click Save Changes.

You can now start sending messages from WhatsApp Sandbox to Rocket.Chat.

Uninstall Whatsapp Sandbox App

To delete the Whatsapp Sandbox app from your workspace,

  • Go to Administration > Apps > Installed.

  • Click the kebab menu against the Whatsapp Sandbox app.

  • Select Uninstall.

  • Click Yes to confirm the uninstallation.

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