Install and use the Zoom App.

Zoom integration with Rocket.Chat allows users to create and join virtual meetings with audio and video capabilities, facilitating "face-to-face" collaboration when in-person meetings are impossible. This integration enhances user engagement and streamlines communication, enabling more efficient and rapid collaboration within Rocket.Chat.

The Zoom app integration in Rocket.Chat enables users to manage meetings—including initiation, scheduling, joining, recording, and sharing—directly within a channel. It also allows for participant and duration tracking, automated or custom reminders for upcoming meetings, and seamless recognition of Zoom URLs pasted into channels, eliminating the need to switch between applications.

The new Zoom app version 2.3.0 now supports multi-meeting capabilities and can be set as the default video-conferencing provider. Ensure you are using Rocket.Chat v6.3.0 or higher to utilize these features.

Integrate Zoom with Rocket.Chat to:

  • Initiate Zoom calls within channels, rooms, discussions, or direct messages.

  • Join Zoom meetings directly through Rocket.Chat.

  • Use /zoom slash commands to create new meeting rooms.

  • Paste Zoom URLs in channels for direct rendering in the Zoom interface.

Install the Zoom App

Prerequisites for Integration

  • For multiple users to create Zoom meetings in the workspace, a paid Zoom account is required.

  • Users must have same email accounts on both Rocket.Chat and Zoom to enable meeting creation.

  • Users must be in the same organization on Zoom to enable meeting creation. Here is the official guide that teaches you how to add users to your Zoom account.

  • A Server-to-Server OAuth app must be created on the Zoom Marketplace prior to integration.

Create Server-to-Server OAuth App at Zoom Marketplace

To create a new Server-to-Server OAuth app from the Zoom marketplace, follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Sign in to Zoom Marketplace.

  • From the top navigation bar, select Develop > Build App.

  • From the available list of app types, choose Server-to-Server OAuth and click Create.

  • Enter a name for the app and click Create.

  • From the App Credentials section, copy the app's Account ID, Client ID, and Client Secret.

  • Click continue to proceed to the Information section. Provide the basic information of your app, such as the name, description, and company name. This will show on the app listing card.

  • Update your developer's contact information and continue to Feature.

  • Define the features of your app. Then, head to the Scopes section.

  • Click on Add Scopes button and add this scope: View and manage all user meetings /meeting:write:admin

  • After adding this scope, continue to the last step for Activation. Your app will now be ready for activation. Once activated, your app can invoke the selected Zoom APIs.

Now that you've created the server-to-server OAuth app at Zoom marketplace, visit the Rocket.Chat marketplace in your workspace to install the Zoom app.

To install the Zoom app,

  • Go to Administration > Marketplace.

  • Search for the Zoom app and click on the item.

  • Click Install and accept the needed permissions to install.

To update the app,

  • Go to Administration > Marketplace.

  • Search for the Zoom app and click on the item.

  • You will find the Update button right below the app name and description.

  • Click on the Update button to update to the latest version of the Zoom app.

Configure the Zoom App

To configure the Zoom App,

  • Navigate to the Zoom App Info screen > Settings tab.

  • Paste the Account ID, Client ID, and Client Secret of the server-to-server OAuth app you created at Zoom marketplace.

  • Click Save Changes.

Now that you've installed and configured the Zoom app, the next section will guide you through Using the Zoom App.

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