Install and use the Zoom App.
The Zoom app allows you to generate zoom meeting links from your Rocket.Chat workspace.

Install Zoom App


  • A Zoom Pro account for other users to create Zoom links.
  • These users are added to your Zoom account, and their emails must be the same on Rocket.Chat and Zoom.
To install the Zoom App,
  • Navigate to Administration > Apps > Marketplace.
  • Search for the Zoom app.
  • Click Install

Create JWT App at Zoom Marketplace

To create a new JWT app,
  • Sign in to Zoom Marketplace.
  • Navigate to Develop > Build App.
  • Select JWT and click Create.
  • Enter a name for the app and click Create.
  • Enter your app's Company Name and Developer Contact Information. Click Continue.
  • Copy the app's API Key and API Secret from the App Credentials tab.

Configure the Zoom App

To configure the Zoom App,
  • On the Zoom App Info screen, navigate to Settings.
  • Paste the API Key and API Secret from the JWT App on the marketplace.

Using the Zoom App

To use the zoom app in a room,
  • Run the slash command /zoom start to generate a new Zoom meeting link. It generates a Zoom meeting link, and anyone in that room can click the link to join the meeting.
  • You can also run /zoom start <topic> to add a title to the meeting. For example, /zoom start < Designers Daily Standup>.