Here you'll find the guide on setting up the Trello App for Rocket.Chat.
With this app, you will be able to receive notifications about your Trello activities which include
  • Creating cards and comments
  • Completing checklists items
  • uploading attachments etc


It is required you have the following to successfully setup the Trello app
  • A publicly accessible Rocket.Chat server
  • A Trello account with some boards to be watched.
To install the Trello Rocket.Chat App,
  • Go to Administration > Workspace > Marketplace
  • Search for the Trello app and click on the item
  • Click Install and accept the needed permissions
You should see an interface with the app details showing you have installed it.
A direct message is then received from the to assist you with the setup of the app
Now that you have the app installed on your server, it is time to configure the integration.


  • Let's start the setup by running the slash command /trello setup in the chatbox
  • A set of instructions are given to follow
  • Head over to and login
  • Visit and accept the terms to see your Trello API key
  • Copy the server's url given by the and paste in the New Allowed Origin field on your Trello api page then Submit
  • Next copy the API Key and OAuth Secret from the Trello page. It is needed to complete the configuration on the Trello app's configuration page within Rocket.Chat
  • With the credentials provided, hit Save changes to commit
  • After the setup, all you have to do is authorize the user so it can connect and interact with the app. This is done by typing the slash command /trello authorize in the chat and Authenticate the app to your Trello account.
  • A new window is opened click Allow in the prompt to grant all the permissions needed to run the Trello App integration smoothly.
  • When successful, you get a confirmation message from the
When all that is done, your Trello app is ready to be used.

Linking Trello Board to Rocket.Chat Channel

After configuring the Trello App it is time to link your Trello boards for monitoring in any Rocket.Chat channel of your choice.
Trello boards can only be linked to Channels. Teams, Discussions or Direct Messages are not supported.
You can always run the slash command /trello help from anywhere to get help.
  • Go ahead and create a channel where you want to receive your Trello board notifications in. Skip this step if you already have one
  • Open up your desired channel and type the slash command /trello link to link a Trello board
  • A list of Trello boards linked to your account is shown. Select a board of your choice and Link
  • After linking, any activity performed on Trello, will be notified in the corresponding channel