Frequently Asked Support Questions

How Do I fix slow connections & iOS connection errors?

95% or more of these are due to improperly configure reverse proxies where the WebSocket is not working properly. If a WebSocket cannot be correctly established, the client will try and fallback to an XHR connection. It is extremely slow and flaky. The iOS app will not connect at all without a WebSocket. Please use Chrome/ium and dev tools to check for the presence of a WebSocket.

How Do I Inspect WebSocket?

  • Right Click, Inspect
  • Network, F5 to refresh
  • Look for the WS filter
  • Should see websocket
    websocket - wss://
Click it and look on the right for 'Headers'
Has this got a green light?
Status Code: 101 Switching Protocols
What do the headers say?
Response headers
Connection: Upgrade
Sec-WebSocket-Accept: nXd/PfaHuA1Kx/ggJWAAy+96Ee4=
Upgrade: websocket

How Do I find Information about Notifications?

Please read this for the current notification logic:

How Do I Troubleshoot General Bugs?

  • It isn't a bug unless you can repeat it. So, make a note of everything you do.
  • You can always use a note editor and paste in histories of commands, logs, files. changes, hacks or whatever.
  • The more you document, the easier it is for a dev to find, and fix and make sure you have all the correct versions of software used.
  • Start your little history. Be clear. Be concise. Don't waffle. Stick to the facts, not your guesses.

How Do I Upgrade to Rocket.Chat Latest Version?

Upgrading is a fraught business at any time. First you have Rocket.Chat itself, and then the Mongo database.
Snaps should auto-update so this is aimed at those who use other methods.
  • Rule One: Backup. Lots of them and lots of ways, and practice restores as well.
  • Rule Two: Use virtual machines for testing. They are so cheap.
Upgrade to the Latest MongoDB Version?
  • Did I mention backups? Read how to do this. Practice it.
  • Use the Mongo documentation. There are leaps between 2.x and 3.x
  • Then there are more leaps as you proceed trough 3.x and then again to 4.x
  • As of writing 3.4 is going EoL so you need to be on 3.6
  • For now I would get to 3.6 and then start preparing for 4.x
  • To convert from mmapv1 -> wiredtiger you will need to backup, convert, restore
Upgrade to Rocket.Chat Latest Version
Please read this guide for upgrading Rocket.Chat.
Documentation (not always easy to find stuff - take your time here):