CDN Setup instructions
Rocket.Chat allows for the usage of a CDN to server static assets such as JS, CSS and images such as avatars.
If you provide a CDN prefix that is not live or incorrect you may lose access to your Rocket.Chat instance as the required assets will not be found.

Enabling CDN

By navigating to the General section of the Administration system in Rocket.Chat there are the options to provide a CDN for all assets and optionally set a separate CDN for just JS & CSS assets.

CDN Prefix

This is a string that depending on the value provided will generate different outcomes.

Use CDN Prefix for all assets

Enable this for serving all assets from the same CDN.

CDN Prefix for JS/CSS

This option takes the same style input as CDN Prefix. The value provided will be applied only to JS and CSS assets.


If the situation occurs where CDN stops working or the provided values are incorrect, then there are a few work arounds to allow a fix to be implemented inside the Administration settings, which may be inaccessible.

Database Fix

As the front end of Rocket.Chat may be inaccessible, the backend Mongo database can be updated to remove the CDN. The following Mongo commands should reset the value to the default state.

Use a Browser Extension

A browser extension can be used to rewrite URLs from the CDN address to the same location as where Rocket.Chat is running. Please take care when selecting an appropriate extension for your browser.