Custom Emoji
Rocket.Chat allows you to add custom emoji files that can be used within Rocket.Chat. Emojis are a great way of filling emotional cues.

Add a Custom Emoji

To access this menu,
  1. 1.
    Go to Administration > Custom Emoji
as shown below:
2. Click the + on the top right
3. Enter a name for your custom emoji
4. Enter an alias for your custom emoji
5. Browse and choose an image file in PNG or JPEG format
6. Press Save

Use your Custom Emoji

To use a custom emoji that you've added either click the emoji icon on the message input and search for your custom emoji by its name or enter :custom_emoji_name: or :custom_emoji_alias: in the message box to directly add the emoji.

Delete/Edit Custom Emoji

Search and click on the custom emoji you want to delete in the Custom Emoji section under the Administration tab.
Press Delete or Edit to delete or update the selected emoji, respectively.
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