Nextcloud and WebDAV integrations

You can integrate Nextcloud with any application that uses the WebDAV protocol. Rocket.Chat offers seamless integration between Nextcloud and the Rocket.Chat server.
With this integration, you can access, browse, navigate your Nextcloud directories and share files from your Nextcloud server all within Rocket.Chat.
To do this, WebDAV Integration needs to be enabled on your Rocket.Chat server.
You will need a server admin to go into Administration -> Workspace -> Settings -> Webdav Integration and set the value to true.

Adding a new Nextcloud/WebDAV server

Once the integration has been enabled by the admin, any user will be able to link their servers to Rocket.Chat.
Adding a new Nextcloud server requires you to have available the;
  • WebDAV url: The WebDAV url used for the connection
  • Username: Your Nextcloud username
  • Password: Your Nextcloud password
To get your Nextcloud WebDAV url, Files section of your Nextcloud server then Settings at the bottom left
You will see a WebDAV field with the url that looks like this https://EXAMPLE.COM/remote.php/dav/files/USERNAME/ Copy the url and proceed
  • Back on your Rocket.Chat interface, click on the big plus icon by the right of the message box
  • Then select Add Server on the popup that shows to add a new WebDAV server
  • Fill in the information on the dialogue that appears including the Nextcloud WebDAV url we copied earlier, Nextcloud username and Nextcloud password then Add new WebDAV Account
  • When that is successful, refresh your server
  • To access Nextcloud file in RocketChat, click on the plus icon
    again and this time, you will see the server you just added.
From here, you have the ability to access and share your Nextcloud files on Rocket.Chat