Rooms (aka Channels)
Here you can view room details, edit rooms and delete rooms.
To access this menu, go to Administration > Rooms.
as shown below:
Here you can see the all rooms that currently exist in your Rocket.Chat workspace along with details like the number of users in a room, number of messages, type of room, etc as shown below:
You are provided with a variety of filters like Public, Private, etc available to help you sort them by type.

Edit Room Details

To edit room details:
  • Click the room, you want to edit the details for
  • Here you have options to change the room's avatar, edit room details, and configure other settings with respect to this room like Read-Only, Private, etc. as shown below:
  • After making your desired changes, click Save.

Delete Room

  • Search and click on the room you want to delete in the Rooms under Administration
  • Press Delete to delete the room.
  • Click Yes, delete it! to delete it.
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