User Data Download

Configurations to allow or disallow workspace members from downloading of workspace data
This setting lets you configure aspects that involve users downloading their data from the server.
Using this, users can download their entire Rocket.Chat data.
To access this setting, go to Administration > Workspace > Settings > User Data Download.
  • Enable User Data Download: When set to true, users will be able to download their data.
Users can find where to initiate data download at My Account > Preferences > My Data
  • System Path (Exported Files): Specify the path where exported files will be located.
  • System Path (Compressed File): Lets you set where compressed files will be.
  • Processing Frequency (Minutes): Takes in the frequency in minutes for processing data download.
  • Message Limit per Request: Lets you limit the number of messages that can be downloaded per request.
Last modified 14d ago