Custom Emoji
Rocket.Chat provides a comprehensive set of emojis to make the chats more interesting. But also allow its users to add custom emojis to make the chats more personalized.
You can add your own image files that can be JPG, GIF, or PNG.

Add a custom emoji

    Go to the Administration tab
    Select the Custom Emoji
    Click on the Add symbol (+) in the right side bar
    Enter a name for your emoji, add space separated list of the aliases for the emoji which can be entered to display the emoji in the chats
    Browse and choose an image file
    Press the SAVE button
Add emoji example

Accessing custom emoji

Custom emoji can be used to add in the message, react to other messages. These emojis can be found in the emoji picker under the Rocket.Chat icon.
Access emoji example
You can also use these emojis using their name and aliases like :hammy: or :savage:

Delete/Edit custom emoji

Search and click on the emoji you want to delete in the Custom Emoji section under Administration tab.
Press the DELETE or EDIT button to delete or update the selected emoji respectively.
Admins might have set the permissions about who can manage these emojis.
Last modified 20d ago