IRC Federation
To access this setting, go to Administration > Settings > IRC Federation.
IRC Federation allows your server to connect to other IRC servers.
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a text-based group communication tool. Users join uniquely named channels, or rooms, for open discussion. IRC also supports private messages between individual users and file-sharing capabilities. This package integrates these layers of functionality with Rocket.Chat.
By configuring this, you will be able to communicate directly from your Rocket Chat to any external IRC server.
  • Enable: When enabled, provides settings for IRC Federation integration.
  • Protocol: This lets you set the protocol your IRC server uses. example RFC2813.
  • Host: The host on which your IRC is running on, for example
  • Port: The port to bind to on the IRC host server.
  • Name: What to name your IRC server as.
  • Description: Description of your IRC server.
  • Local Password: Set the local password if existing.
  • Peer Password: Lets you specify the peer password.
After configuring, hit Save Changes and Restart your server.
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