In this section, you have settings regarding messages on your server.
To access this section, go to Administration > Settings > Message.
Remember to hit Save Changes in order to apply any changes made.
  • Allow message Editing: When enabled, users will have the ability to edit messages.
  • Block message editing after: takes in time in minutes in which users are allowed to edit messages in which after they'll be unable.
  • Allow message deleting: When enabled, users will be able to delete messages.
  • Block message deleting after: Let's you set a duration in minutes in which users are allowed to delete messages.
  • Allow Unrecognized Slash Commands: When enabled, unknown Slash Commands will be allowed.
  • Allow user direct messages to yourself: when enabled, users will be able to send direct messages to themselves.
  • Always Search Using RegExp: When enabled, all searches will use RegExp. We recommend setting True if your language is not supported on MongoDB text search.
  • Show Edited Status: This will show edited whenever a message has been edited.
  • Show Deleted Status: Shows deleted when a message has been deleted.
  • Allow Message bad words filtering: When enabled, words in the blacklist will be filtered on the server.
  • Add Bad Words to the Blacklist: Takes in a list of comma-separated words that will be filtered from the server.
  • Remove words from the Blacklist: Takes in any word already in the Blacklist and removes it.
  • Keep Per Message Editing History: Whether or not to keep message editing history.
  • Maximum Channel Size for ALL Message: Lets you set the maximum size of a channel.
  • Maximum Allowed Characters Per Message: Lets you set the maximum characters a message can contain.
  • Allow converting long messages to attachments: When enabled, long messages can be converted to attachments.
  • Show Formatting Tips: when enabled, formatting tips will be shown below the message field.
  • Grouping Period (in seconds): Messages will be grouped with the previous message if both are from the same user and the elapsed time was less than the informed time in seconds.
  • Embed Link Previews: Whether embedded link previews are enabled or not when a user posts a link to a website.
  • Embed Request User Agent: Lets you set a request user agent.
  • Message_SetNameToAliasEnabled: Enable to set message alias.
  • Embed Cache Expiration Days: Lets you set how long you want the cache to be embedded.
  • Disable Embed for Users: Comma-separated list of usernames to disable the embedded link previews.
  • Embed Ignored Hosts: Comma-separated list of hosts or CIDR addresses, eg. localhost,,,,
  • Safe Ports: Comma-separated list of ports allowed for previewing.
  • Time Format: Let's you set the format of time on your server. See also: Moment.js
  • Date Format: Lets you set the format of the date in your server.
  • Time and Date Format: Lets you set the time and date format.
  • Maximum Number of Chained Quotes: Lets you set the maximum number of Chained quotes.
  • Hide System Messages: Set whether or not system messages will be hidden.
  • DirectMesssage_maxUsers: Specifies the maximum uses for direct messages.
  • Message Erasure Type: Select from the drop-down what to do with messages of users who removed their account.
  • Code highlighting languages list: Comma separated list of languages (all supported languages at ) that will be used to highlight code blocks.
  • Video Recorder Enabled: Requires video/webm files to be an accepted media type within File Upload settings.
  • Show Read Receipts: Whether to show read receipt.
  • Detailed Read Receipts: Shows each user's read receipts.
  • Allow Message Pinning: When enabled, allow messages to be pinned to any of the channels.
  • Allow Message Snippeting: when enabled, message sniping will be allowed.
  • Allow Message Starring: when enabled, users will be able to star messages.

Message Attachments

  • Group Attachment Buttons: This groups the icons under an expandable menu. Takes up less screen space.
  • Enable image thumbnails to save bandwidth: Thumbnails will be served instead of the original image to reduce bandwidth usage. Images at original resolution can be downloaded using the icon next to the attachment's name.
  • Thumbnail's max width (in pixels): Lets you set in ox the maximum thumbnail width.
  • Thumbnail's max height (in pixels): Lets you set in ox the maximum thumbnail height.
  • Remove EXIF metadata from supported files: Strip out EXIF metadata from image files (jpeg, tiff, etc). This setting is not retroactive, so files uploaded while disabled will have EXIF data.

Audio Message

  • Audio Recorder Enabled: When set to true, users will be able to record audio.
  • Audio Message Bit Rate: Lets you set the bit rate for audio messages.

Hex Color Preview

  • Enabled: Let's you set preview for hex colors.

Issue tracker links

  • Enabled: Lets you enable issue link tracker.
Warning: Do not enable this and the Hex Color Preview at the same time.
  • Template for issue links: Template for issue links; %s will be replaced by the issue number.


  • Enabled: Lets you enable auto-linking.
  • AutoLinker Strip Prefix: When enabled, linking will be stripped. Short display. e.g. =>
  • AutoLinker Scheme:// URLs: Scheme auto linker.
  • AutoLinker 'www' URLs: www URLs will be auto-linked.
  • AutoLinker TLD URLs: When enabled, TLD URLs will be auto-linked.
  • AutoLinker URL Regular Expression: Lets you set RegExp for URL auto-linking.
  • AutoLinker Email: When enabled, emails will be auto-linked.
  • AutoLinker Phone: Automatically linked for Phone numbers. e.g. (123)456-7890


  • Enable Auto-Translate: Enabling auto-translation will allow people with the auto-translate permission to have all messages automatically translated into their selected language. Fees may apply.
  • Service Provider: A drop-down to select the translation service provider.


  • API Key: Takes in DeepL API key.


  • API Key: Takes in the Google API key.


  • Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key: Takes in your Microsoft Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key.

Google Maps

  • Enable Mapview: Enabling map view will display a location share button on the right of the chat input field.
  • Google Static Maps API Key: The Google Static Maps API Key. This can be obtained from the Google Developers Console for free.


  • Katex Enabled: Allow using katex for math typesetting in messages.
  • Allow Parenthesis Syntax: When enabled, you can use [katex block] and (inline katex) syntaxes.
  • Allow Dollar Syntax: Allow using $katex block$ and $inline katex$ syntaxes


  • Markdown Parser: A dropdown to select the markdown parser.
  • Allow Markdown headers in messages: When enabled, markdown headers will be included in messages.
  • Markdown Support Schemes for Link: Comma-separated list of allowed schemes.
  • Enable Marked GFM: Enable Marked GFM
  • Enable Marked Tables: Enables marked tables
  • Enable Marked Breaks: Enables marked breaks
  • Enable Marked Pedantic: Enables Marked Pedantic
  • Enable Marked Smart Lists: Enables Marked Smart Lists
  • Enable Marked Smartypants: Enables Marked Smartypants
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