Setup Wizard
This section has basic configurations on setting up information about your server.
To access this menu, go to Administration > Settings > Setup Wizard.
Remember to hit Save Changes in order to apply any changes made.

Organization Info

  • Organization Type: A dropdown for you to select the type of organization. Example Enterprise
  • Organization Name: The name of your organization. Example RocketChat
  • Industry: The industry to which your organization belongs. Example Technology Services
  • Size: The size of your organization.
  • Country: The country your organization is based. Example South Africa
  • Website: Your organization's website. Example
  • Server Type: The type of server you are running. Example Public Community
  • Allow Marketing Emails: When enabled, marketing emails will be sent.
  • Register Server: Enable to register your server.
  • Organization Email: Lets you set your organization email.

Cloud Info

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