Here you have the ability to configure how searches work on your RocketChat server.
To access this setting, go to Administration > Settings > Search.
  • Search Provider: A dropdown that lets you select which search provider you wish to use. Can be Default provider or Chatpal Provider.

Chatpal Provider

  • Backend Type: Lets you choose the backend type for your Chatpal provider. Select if you want to use Chatpal as a Service or as On-Site Installation.
  • API Key: Your Chatpal API key. Find some descriptions on how to run a local instance on GitHub. The URL must be absolute and point to the Chatpal core, e.g. http://localhost:8983/solr/chatpal
  • Http Headers: List of HTTP Headers, one header per line. Format: name:value
  • Main Language: The language that is used most in conversations.
  • Default Result Type: Defines which result type is shown by the result.
  • Page size: Lets you set the page size.
  • Suggestions enabled: When enabled, suggestions will be shown while searching.
  • Include All Public Channels: When set to true, it searches in all public channels, even if you haven't joined them yet.
  • Index Batch Size: The batch size of index documents (on bootstrapping)
  • Index Timeout: The time between 2 index windows in ms (on bootstrapping)
  • Index Window Size: The size of index windows in hours (on bootstrapping)

Default Provider

  • Global search: When enabled, the search will be done globally.
  • Page Size: The page size.
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