Email Inbox Agent Guide
You can receive emails inside your Rocket.Chat from your contacts, on an email address your administration has configured within Rocket.Chat.
Once an email is part of a channel, your contacts can send emails to it to start a conversation. It will appear inside Rocket.Chat just like any other omnichannel livechat conversation. When you reply to an email message that has been sent to you, it will appear just like any other email in your contact’s inbox.
As soon as your contact sends an email to the registered email address, it will appear in the queue just like any other omnichannel conversation, as shown below:
Click Take it! to take it off of the Queued Chats and be able to reply to it:
As soon as you take it, it will appear in Chats in Progress and, you can click Reply via Email to reply to it.
Note that if you type without clicking Reply via Email, your contact will NOT receive your reply at all.
Type your message and hit Send
It appears on your Rocket.Chat interface as shown below:
Your contact receives the message in email instantly.

Invite a fellow agent to an email inbox

Suppose you get an email and you need the assistance of your fellow agent on it; you can invite them to this inbox using /invite @username.
They are invited to the channel, as shown below:
As soon as the fellow omnichannel agent is invited to an email inbox, they are all able to see all the old conversation that has happened before they arrival to that email inbox.
And you can conversate with them internally on the same channel.
As stated above, to talk to your contact, you need to click Reply via Email. Every message sent without clicking the button remains internal.

Sending an Attachment

To send an attachment:
  1. 1.
    The agent first needs to upload the file in the channel, as shown below:
  1. 1.
    Click Send via Email as attachment
It appears in the email of your omnichannel contact, as shown below: