Telegram App Configuration
Search Telegram in the Apps menu on your Rocket.Chat administration panel, as shown below:
Telegram in the Apps menu
Click open your Telegram app to see the settings available to you as an administrator Settings tab:
Telegram app settings
  1. 1.
    Bot Token sent by Telegram during Bot user activation. If you need help creating your telegram bot token, you can find the instructions here.
  2. 2.
    You can set a Default Department. Only the agents of this department are able to serve Telegram conversations
If you don't have a department set up you won't receive any messages.
Find out how to create a department for your Rocket.Chat workspace.
3. You can set the Service Unavailable Message that will be sent to the user if some error occurs like if no agents are online
4. You can set the Welcome Message that will be sent to visitors when they send their first message
5. The Conversation Finished Message will be sent to visitors when the conversation is closed
Only the agents of that particular department are able to see and take the chats.
6. Agents Display Name: You can choose to display the agent's name or username.
7. File Upload Enabled: You can enable/disable file sharing.
8. And you can select the type of files you wish the Agents and your Telegram Contacts can share under Accepted Media Types
9. Hit Save Changes in the top right corner to save your settings and your Telegram app is successfully configured. You can see the new Telegram channel upon closing the administration panel.

Quick Replies

You can also use quick reply buttons to send/receive quick replies on telegram.
Quick repiles
If you don't yet have a chatbot solution ready to connect to Omnichannel or are interested in discovering Rocket.Chat natively compatible solutions such as Dialogflow or RASA. Check out our marketplace and learn more!
You can also have Assign new conversations to bot agent **** toggled on for the routing conversation to the bot agent if any. Please note that it’s an optional configuration, but for companies that have a chatbot user serving omnichannel conversations that’s a required setting.
Telegram routing to bot agent
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