WhatsApp Sandbox
An extension for the existing production-ready WhatsApp App.
The WhatsApp Sandbox app allows you quickly test Rocket.Chat integration with WhatsApp within a sandbox environment. In this test environment, you can test sending messages and templates and receive a webhook.
This app is not intended for production use. It is only intended for testing purposes. For production use, please use the official WhatsApp integration.
You must have the Omnichannel feature enabled, as well as have agents and managers assigned in order to receive and send Omnichannel messages**.**

Quickstart: How to test WhatsApp in the Sandbox

  • Get a Test API key from 360Dialog. You can get one by following the steps mentioned here.
  • Once you have a Sandbox API key, you can update the app setting with the API key (From Administrator -> Apps -> Installed -> Whatsapp Sandbox -> Settings).
  • You can then start sending messages from WhatsApp to Rocket.Chat.
To get any support, please run the /whatsapp-sandbox support command.
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