WhatsApp Configuration
To access the settings, go to Administration > Apps.
as shown below:
Search Whatsapp under the Installed tab in Apps menu on your Rocket.Chat administration panel.
Click open your WhatApp instance to see the settings available to you as an administrator:‌
Following are the settings available:‌
  • Notification of undeliverable message to alert the agent that a message was not delivered to the WhatsApp platform.
  • Agents Display Info: You can choose to display the agent's name or username.
  • File Uploads Enabled: You can enable/disable file sharing and also set a limit for Maximum File Upload Size (in bytes).
  • Accepted Media Types: You can provide a list of media types comma-separated. Please leave it blank for accepting all media types.
  • Allow Quote Messages: If enabled, Agents will see the quoted message reference on Rocket.Chat, when the Contact quotes/replies to a message on WhatsApp.
Before activating Allow Quote Messages feature, please ensure that you have the following index on "rocketchat_apps_persistence" collection in DB: appId_1_associations_1 You'd face performance issues if this index is not present. This index was added on version 4.2.0, so if you're on or above this version, then you should be good.
  • Template Message Metadata Refresh Interval(in Minutes): For a better user experience, the app must cache some Template Messages meta-data information. You can define the duration (in minutes) within which the app will automatically refresh its cache. Further information on template messages is available here.
  • Enter an endpoint URL here under Message Status Endpoint URL, where you want to receive the status of each message exchanged.
  • Filter Message Status: Filter the statuses you wish to receive at the endpoint ("Message Status Endpoint URL") based on Message Type.
  • Allow List options for Quick Replies: If enabled, messages with more than three quick reply options would be rendered as List options. Note: Max limit for list options is 10
  • Custom label for all List Option buttons: Define a custom label message which you want to display on all Quick reply options sent as List Message.
  • Hit Save Changes to save your settings.
‌Your WhatsApp is successfully configured, and you can see the new WhatsApp channel upon closing the administration panel, as shown below:
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