After the installation, the Poll app will be available by using the slash command /poll in the message box of the channel you want to create the poll
This page demonstrates a very basic usage of the Poll app. For more advanced usage and to explore the Poll App's complete capabilities, please refer to the Guides section.
After executing the /poll command, a pop-up will be triggered for the user to create the poll as below:
  • Insert your question: Field to add the question related to the poll.
  • Options field: The options available to reply the poll.
  • Choice type: Select if the poll will be single or multiple choice or any of the template based polls.
  • Add a choice: Here you can add as many options you need for the poll if the poll type is single or multiple choice.
  • Vote type: You can decide if the poll will have "open vote", "confidential vote" or "mixed vote".
  • User-defined options: Allow/disallow the user to add their own options to the poll.
  • Word Cloud: Enable/disable the wordcloud feature on poll finish.
After creating the poll, the same will be available within the channel/room for the users to vote
In order to finish the poll, select the options menu available in the poll itself and select "Finish poll"

What's Next?

  • Configure your Poll App using the Poll App settings.
  • For advanced usage, check out the Guides.