Default Browser Settings

Enabling the user to choose the preferred browser on the app.
On your mobile, you can now change the behavior to open links.
You can set it for the links to be opened on Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Safari, In-App, etc., depending on the apps installed on your device.


To access this setting, Click on your Profile, and then select Setting > Default Browser.
You can choose the default browser where you want links to be opened. The default options are: In-app and Browser.
Default Browser
  • In-app: This setting will open the links by default on in-app browser.
  • Browser: This setting will open a list of all the browsers (Chrome, Safari) you have installed on your device.
Once you do this, if you open a link through your Rocket.Chat mobile app, it will open through the browser you have installed on your device instead of your default mobile browser.


If you set your default browser to Safari, it will trigger the deep link from the OS and open the app, if available.