Canned Responses Rocket.Chat Admin's Guides
Set up canned responses in your workspace
Canned responses allow you to save message snippets that you can call with shortcuts (preceded with !) to communicate a quick note to your visitors in Omnichannel and for messaging in regular conversations inside your Rocket.Chat workspace.

Enable Canned Responses on your workspace

To enable canned responses on your workspace:
  1. 1.
    Go to Administration:
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    Search Canned Responses in Settings, Enable it, and hit Save Changes:

Canned Responses Permissions:

Define which user roles should be able to view, create and delete the canned responses. Go to Administration -> Permissions and use search to filter the canned responses permissions only:
Please enable Omnichannel
Using canned responses in regular conversations with other users of your workspace will require the Omnichannel feature to be enabled.
Please check the omnichannel manager's guide for canned responses to save a new canned response for your workspace.