Custom Fields
In this menu, you can add some additional fields to the registration form that your visitors fill out when they start a livechat conversation.
To access Custom Fields settings:
Go to Omnichannel panel settings, as shown below:
Custom Fields menu appears, as shown below:
The registration form has Name, Email, and I need Help With…/Department fields by default.

To add your custom field:

Hit +New.
The New Custom Field page appears, as shown below:
  • Field: Enter the desired field that you want to add to your livechat registration form. E.g., last-name. It is mandatory.
  • Label: Enter its label. E.g., Last Name. It is mandatory.
  • Scope: Select scope as Visitor.
  • Visible: Make it visible.

Enterprise Edition Settings

The rest of the settings (mentioned below) are Enterprise only.
  • Validation: Enter Validation.
  • Required: Set as a required field if you want.
  • Type: Choose the input type (Input/Select) of the field
  • Default value: Set the default value, if any.
  • Options: Comma-separated list used to select a pre-configured value. Spaces between elements are not accepted.
  • Public: Set it Public. Public custom fields will be displayed in external applications, such as Livechat, etc.
  • Hit Save.
It is saved in the list of custom fields, as shown below:
It appears in the livechat widget, as shown below:
If the contact sends a message, it gets reflected in the Contact Information as well.

To delete a custom field:

Hit remove.