Custom Fields
In this menu, you can add some additional fields to the registration form your visitors fill when they start a livechat conversation.
To access Custom Fields settings:
Go to Omnichannel panel settings, as shown below:
Custom Fields menu appears, as shown below:
The registration form has Name, Email, and I need Help With…/Department fields by default, as shown below:

To add your custom field:

  1. 1.
    Hit Add.
The following page appears.
2. Enter your desired field that you want to add to your livechat registration form. E.g., last-name
3. Enter its label.
4. Select scope as Visitor.
5. Make it visible.
6. Set as a required field if you want.
7. The type of the Last Name field is Input.
8. Set the default value, if any.
9. Set it Public.
10. Hit Save.
It is saved in the list of custom fields, as shown below:
It appears in the livechat widget, as shown below:
If the visitor sends a message, it gets reflected in the Visitor’s Info as well.

To delete a custom field:

Hit remove.
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