If you want the omnichannel conversations to be directed to different departments, you can set the departments up in your enterprise Rocket.Chat workspace. For example, you may have livechats coming from various pages of your website, and you might want them to be handled by respective departments.

To access Departments settings:

  1. Go to the dots menu and hit Omnichannel. Omnichannel settings will open up.

  1. Hit Departments.

To add a new Department:

  1. Click New Department.

The new department's settings page will appear, as shown below:

  1. Enable a new department.

  1. Name your new department.

  1. Type in the description. It's optional.

  1. Allow your visitor to have the option to choose the department they want to talk to, as shown below:

The option will appear to your customer in the livechat widget, as shown below:

  1. Forward your omnichannel conversations to the email address of your choice, during the hours you are offline, as shown below:

  1. Enable the radio button below if you want your department to show offline during off business hours.

If you enable it will appear in the widget, as shown below:

  1. Mention the name of the channel you want to direct the offline messages to.

  1. Request your agent to set tags for the conversation for later searching purposes if you want.

  1. An agent can add conversation tags they want to use for this department.

  1. Assign the maximum number of simultaneous chats you want your agent to attend.

  1. Mention the number of seconds you want to wait to consider visitor abandonment.

  1. Mention the custom message you want to be displayed when the room is closed automatically by visitor inactivity.

  1. Mention the custom message you want to be displayed when the user is waiting in the queue.

  1. List the name of departments you would like to forward your department's chat to.

  2. After your new department is created, their assigned business hour will be displayed here.

  3. Assign the agents to this department, as shown below:

  1. Successfully added agents would be listed, as shown below:

  1. Hit save.

Your newly created department is displayed in the list of departments, as shown below:

You can have the following behavior depending on how many departments you have created:

  • No departments: all Livechat agents will receive incoming chats using a round-robin rule.

  • One department: all incoming chats will be offered to agents only on that department using a round-robin rule.

  • More than one department: the visitor will have to choose what department he wants to talk to at registration.

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