Here you will find information on how to install and use the Zoom App.


You can install our Zoom Rocket.Chat App from your Rocket.Chat Administration area.

  • Go to Administration > Marketplace

  • Search for the Zoom and click on the item

  • Click on the Install button

Now that you have the app installed in your server, it is time to configure the integration with your Zoom account.



  • First, you'll need to have at least a Pro account for users (besides you) to be able to create Zoom links. Those users will need to be added to your Zoom account.

  • For other users to be able to use the Zoom App, their Rocket.Chat registered emails need to be the same as registered at Zoom.

Step 1: JWT App at Zoom Marketplace

You'll need to create a new JWT app at Zoom's Marketplace.

  • Sign in at marketplace.zoom.us‚Äč

  • Go to "Develop" at the top of the screen and select "Build app" in the menu

  • Choose the "JWT" type and hit "Create"

  • Enter a name for the app and hit "Create"

  • Enter the Company Name and Developer Contact Information for your app and then hit "Continue".

  • At the App Credentials tab page, get the app's API Key and API Secret.

Step 2: Configure the Slash command at Rocket.Chat

  • Go to the settings of the Zoom App in Administration > Apps > Zoom

  • Place the API Key and API Secret at their respective fields and save.


At any room, type "/zoom start" to generate a Zoom link. You can also type "/zoom start topic" to add a topic to the room. The topic can be any word or sentence.