Conversations in Rocket.Chat occur in channels. Channels are chat rooms with useful features designed to increase communication and collaboration.

Types of Channels

There are two types of channels: public and private channels.

Public Channels

Public Channels are open for all members of a Rocket.Chat workspace to join, and anything posted is searchable by all members. They are identified by:
When a user is mentioned on a thread inside a public channel, they are automatically added to the channel.

Private Channels

Private Channels are by invitation only and are normally used for conversations that are not open to all members. They are identified by:
People must be added/invited to a private channel by someone who's already a member.

Listing Channels

Find public and private channels that you are watching in the left sidebar under the Channels sections.
Public Channels appear first above private channels below them and are alphabetically ordered.

Joining new channels and starting direct messages

There are three ways of joining a public channel; search, invites, or mentions.
To start a direct message, you can search for the user you want to talk to, or click on that user's avatar and then click Conversation Button.
Use the search bar under your account box to search for channels and users. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl/Cmd + k to access the search bar quickly.
A search will find channels (including the ones you are part of) and users. You can not search inside private channels.
When you click on a search result, the following can happen:
  • If the result is a channel, and you already aren't part of it, you will join that channel;
  • If the result is a user, you will start a direct message with that user;

Leaving Channels

There are two options for leaving a channel:
  1. 1.
    Hide: Remain a member of the channel but remove it from your list of channels on the left-hand pane.
  2. 2.
    Leave: Remove the channel from your list of channels and abdicate membership.
Every channel has an owner, and the owner of a channel cannot leave a channel until setting someone else as the owner of that channel.
To leave a channel, enter the command /part or /leave in the message window. Alternatively, hover your mouse over the channel in the list of channels on the left-hand side and click on the Leave Channel button.
To hide a channel, hover your mouse over the channel in the list of channels on the left-hand side and click on the Hide Channel button.

Creating Channels