Channel Information
Here you can see all kinds of information about the current channel. If you admin permissions, you can edit the information. These are the channel information options:
  • Channel Name: The channel's name, how users see the title and find the channel via search.
  • Topic: The topic shows next to the title on the channel header. Great for giving more info about the channel.
  • Announcement: Announcements post in a bar under the channel header.
  • Description: The description of the channel.
  • Private: Tells whether a channel is private and can set the channel to private or public.
  • Read Only: Tells whether a channel is read-only and toggles the read-only status on the channel. In read-only channels, only people with admin permissions can post messages. Good for announcements channels.
  • Archived: Tells if a channel is archived and toggles the archived status of a channel. Nobody can post messages in an archived channel, and channel search will not find that channel.
  • Password: Tells whether a channel has a password and let you set the password. If a channel has a password, other users need to enter the password to become a channel's member.
If a Retention Policy is active on this channel, a red warning box appears stating when messages or files are deleted.
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