Streaming in a Channel


If the feature Youtube Livestream is enabled, the Streaming tab activates on the Channel Actions menu.
Through the Streaming tab, owners of the channel of server admins can start streaming or add another stream to the channel using a URL.

Start a stream

Note: Depending on the settings of the server, you might be only able to link live streams from Youtube. In doubt, always ask your server's admin.
  1. 1.
    Press the Broadcast my Camera button.
  2. 2.
    Login with a Google account. Remember that streaming must be activated through your Youtube account. For more information, see Introduction to live streaming Google guide).
To add a different Livestream, get the URL (must be from Youtube) for the stream, enter it into the Livestream source field, and hit save.
You can also add a message whenever the stream is unavailable in the Livestream not available message field.
To add a stream with no video and only audio, use the Enable audio-only button.

(Users) Start a Live Stream

If you are not a channel owner and there is already a live stream set to that channel, press play on the stream tab. This starts a pop-up with the stream embedded. The pop-up does not close even if you change channels.